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A non-profit men’s organization, giving core answers and enabling solid progress in “Masculine Spirituality.”

Why? Because it’s time! Vital answers are needed. In this emasculated age, men are filled with insecurity, disconnect, incertitude, resentment, and anger. They are confused about their mission, have lost their identity, and are un-navigated in their journey. And they are tired of hearing how “equal” they are!

No matter what their state or circumstances or faith path, men are lacking the support and clarity required to move forward authentically as men, husbands, fathers, pastors, etc.

Ironclad presents teachings on genuine manhood by way of media resources, web content, and by special “Masculine Spirituality” seminars.

Our seminars on a man’s “Mission”, “Identity”, and “Journey” focus on his life’s 3 key questions: “What do I do now?” (Mission) “Who am I?” (Identity) and “Where am I going?” (Journey).

Core answers of these questions are uncovered which enable solid progress in life, work, faith, and relationships.

Ironclad is not about how to tie a tie or change oil, but: Core Answers. Solid Progress.



Simple, Ironclad designates what is “fixed”, “unshakeable”, “durable.”

A man too has fixed, unshakeable, durable qualities—fashioned by his Immutable God.

Ironclad is not about speculation, but a rediscovery of core realities we help men reclaim and live.



The founder and director is Phillip F. Chavez, Ph.D., who has spent several years in men’s ministry.

His passion is to train men in the fundamentals of their manhood so that each can achieve true stability, confidence, and satisfaction in all areas of life.

As well as speaking and writing in “Masculine Spirituality” Dr. Chavez has been a life coach for men, helping them surmount hurdles in human and spiritual development.

Among other challenges, men are suffering deeply from marriage issues, depression, and porn addiction, because the core of their manhood is neither grasped well nor lived in freedom.

We are moving forward to change that.

Ironclad has the tools which change lives—enabling men to realize ongoing natural growth and spiritual advancement.



Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Revere God

(1Pet 2:17).